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End O Line Railroad Park and Museum

The depot was the gathering place for ticket purchasing, sending/receiving mail and packages, and relaying telegraph messages. This proved to be the hub of activity for farmers, businessmen, grain merchants, lumber barons, and the tiling industry.


The Grand Trunk Western Caboose, built in 1942, served Canada and parts of the northern United States. This was the office and home on rails for the conductor and brakemen.

School, Church and Courthouse

The Sunrise Country School, Currie's first church and a replica of Murray County's first courthouse which was originally located in Currie.

Sunrise School

District Number One, the Sunrise School, was moved to End-O-Line Park and restored by the Murray County Historical Society. The embossed tin ceilings and walls, vertical wainscoting, recitation bench and many blackboards are typical, but the triangular sunrise worked into the front and back of the schoolhouse are unique. The little one-room school with tin dinner pails, water cooler, wash basin, old world maps, bell tower and rope, ink wells and cloakrooms, will bring back fond memories to share with children.

Steam Engine

This Georgia Northern Steam Engine # 102, completed in June of 1923, was characteristic of those used on the Currie Branch Line. Powered by steam, produced by coal and water, this engine was the driving force of the railroad industry.

Upcoming Events

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Closed for the Season

Thank you for joining us at the End O Line Railroad Park for the 2013 Season.      We are now closed.       Call us at 507-763-3708 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule you tour for 2014!

End-O-Line Railroad Park

The End-O-Line Railroad Park and Museum evokes the spirit of a small frontier railroad town.  The section foreman’s house, train depot, engine house, two unique cabooses, large steam engines, a gristmill, county school house, church, courthouse, country store, and other buildings to bring this “town” to life! The End-O-Line is a fun and educational destination for large group tours as well as quaint family gatherings.    You will be surprised by what you find at this beautiful park!


End O Line Park had its beginning in 1972 when leaders in the Poco-a-Poco 4-H club in Currie, decided to clean around the turntable in the railroad yard. With the help of 4-H Leaders their 4-H project called Community Pride inspired them to preserve the manual operation turntable for the future.

The 4-H club cleaned the pit of the turntable and picked up and mowed the area around the turntable. What had been an eyesore now attracted attention as a pleasant roadside stop.

The 4-H Club next purchased the abandoned Chicago and Northwestern Depot for one dollar and were asked to remove it from railroad property so they decided to purchase about three acres of land across highway 38 to the east of the depot. This parcel of land contained the turntable. To help pay for the land and the moving of the depot the 4-H Club asked for monies from the City of Currie and the Murray County Board of Commissioners. Over the years countless volunteers have been the planners, promoters, and the moving force in the year to year development of the park.


One reason the 4-H Club started the park was to remind people about how the railroads helped pioneers by bringing in all kinds of supplies like the mail, milk, coal, farm implements, canned goods, dry goods, etc. Little communities sprang up about seven miles apart on the railroad lines.


Over the years, the park has been expanded to include the construction of the engine house, the moving in of the Chicago and Northwestern water tower from Walnut Grove, the purchase of a Grand Trunk Western caboose, the moving in of a Chicago and Northwestern section foreman's home from Comfrey, the moving in of District #1 schoolhouse, the First Presbyterian Church of Currie, the small wooden Currie family store, the purchase of a Georgia Northern steam engine and coal tender, and the purchase of a Minneapolis and St. Louis Caboose. In addition the county built a replica of Murray County's first courthouse at the park.   

Bring your family for a picnic, family reunion, birthday party, guided or self-guided tour, or a stop-off from the Casey Jones Bike Trail!



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